Naturally we believe that we have the best, and most flexible, system on the market to help you with your strategic spend; however, our confidence alone is not enough.

Our Experience

Founded in 1998, Allocation has over 21 years of experience specific to the part lifecycle. In fact, we introduced our first eRFQ solution in 1998 and, in the years following, we followed with Reverse Auction, Supplier Management, and Collaboration capabilities.

Further, in tandem with our software platform, many customers engaged us as an outsourced service. As such, in place of “designing in a vault”, we have been an integral part of sourcing and quality teams, which has given us better insight on what to develop in order to help our customers achieve better results.

One Platform

There are a few providers being forced now to address strategic spend and the part lifecycle. In the past, many organizations ignored this critical area and accepted ungoverned processes (e.g., emailing spreadsheets). Many providers had already started with a mix of acquired solutions, already lacking true integration, and now racing to purchase additional functionality to close the gap.

Allocation’s solution has been built internally, from the ground-up, to ensure seamless integration of the part/material, the supplier, and your best practices, regardless of stage in the lifecycle (requisition, sourcing, award, quality, monitoring, etc.). This ensures that you can manage the whole process, beginning to end, versus patches of governance spread throughout.

Allocation One Platform Chart

Designed How You Work

The Corvette is a fun car, but it is not ideal for off-roading. Similarly, some providers are capable of handling indirect spend, but are ill-equipped to help with direct. Direct is just different – and we designed our platform with direct in mind. Yes, most of our customers also use us for indirect, as that is often the “easy lift”.

As well, our experience taught us how you work. For example, Excel will probably never go away. Yes, we want to eliminate the emailing of loose spreadsheets; however, the power of Excel is undeniable. As such, we have incorporated the capabilities of Excel, and how our customers work, into our platform. Our customers can directly import complex Excel spreadsheets, including formatting, formulas, and more. Imagine standardizing surveys, clean sheets, and RFQs at the speed of Excel?

Global Support

Our customers are impressive, multi-national corporations. To support them, side-by-side, as they manage their most critical spend, we have ensured that we became truly global in supporting our customers too. This includes multi-language support, “follow the sun” implementation/support and regional headquarters.


Though we rarely seek out attention, there has been a “buzz” about our success. Some of the recent recognition's we are proud of include:

The Institute for Procurement Strategy: Best-in-Class Solution in the Sourcing Process

E-Procure & Supply Award: Gold

GF Machining: Top 10 Supplier

Austrian Supply Excellence: Excellence in Customer Projects

Gartner Magic Quadrant: “Leader” for Strategic Sourcing Applications

Initiative Mittelstand: Innovation Award IT, Best of Year, E-Business

Spend Matters: 50 to Watch

Spend Matters SolutionMap: “Value Leader” for Sourcing Solutions and Supplier Relationship Management

Further, the reason Allocation exists is for our customers. We are proud to have 4+ significant automotive OEMs as customers, as well as many within the automotive supply chain. We have partnered with customers across industries and geographic locations, spanning diversified manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, finance, utilities, and more.

Allocation clients include AVL
Allocation Clients Include The BMW Group Mobile
Allocation Clients Include Magna
Allocation clients include Brose
Allocation clients include Draexlmaier
Allocation clients include Erdinger
Allocation clients include Fehrer
Allocation clients include GEDIA
Allocation clients include +GF+
Allocation clients include Grammer
Allocation clients include Ineos
Allocation clients include Leo Pharma
Allocation Clients Include Magna
Allocation clients include Mubea
Allocation clients include Munich Re
Allocation Clients Include Schmitz Cargobull Mobile
Allocation Clients Include Siemens
Allocation clients include SWM
Allocation clients include Verbund
Allocation clients include Voith
Image depicting the Allocation supplier management

Supplier Mgmt

Image depicting Part Item Management

Part/Item Mgmt

Allocation supply chain management strategy software


Allocation supply chain management collaboration software


Image depicting the Allocation integration management software


Allocation parts and material lifecycle supply chain management software system

Benefit From:

  • Lowering process costs by up to 80%
  • More effective sourcing events
  • Shortened cycle time to part qualification
  • Strong compliance
  • Increased supplier collaboration
  • Reduced supplier and part risk
  • Complete visibility, across functions
  • Assurance that your processes and best practices are followed every time