“Strategy without process is little more than a wish list.” – Robert Flick

It is commonly believed that “people are a company’s best resource”

It is commonly believed that “people are a company’s best resource”. After all, people are the source of ingenuity and best practices. What happens, though, when best practices are not followed? What if only 1% of the time?

Throughout the part lifecycle, these defined strategies help ensure success. For a given part or material, for a given supplier or supplier classification, and for a given stage in the lifecycle, you want to ensure that your strategies for the best outcome are followed at that point in time, every time.

Supply chain management strategies software
  • Are your sourcing strategies, supplier strategies, and product group strategies sitting in a repository hoping people will use them? Or worse, being exchanged via email?
  • Does your system apply process, and/or data, variations based on geography, organizational unit, supplier type, material/product group, and more?
  • How to you ensure that your strategies have been executed upon? For example, what if you always want The ABC Company to bid on a specific part but they were mistakenly omitted from the RFQ?

Unfortunately, many organizations still have disjointed part lifecycles, making it difficult to institutionalize their strategies across all stages of the process.

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Our customers are able to define their strategies outside of specific projects. At defined intersections of criteria (e.g., part and geography), they set workflows/approvals, surveys, roles/permissions and much more. This ensures that their best practices are always followed, every time




So that you can define strategies based on geography, organizational unit, supplier type, material/product group, or more.

Centralized repository

So that you can manage direction/goals, documents, tasks, measurements, roles and permissions in one place.

Workflow and Notifications

So that you can involve stakeholders, whether internal or supplier, as needed.

Automated bidder lists (e.g., predefined, proposed, approved, blocked, etc.)

So that you can ensure your most important suppliers are not omitted.


So that you can ensure your processes are governed per corporate guidelines, and have been carried out systematically.

"More effective sourcing. Faster tool / part readiness. Mitigate supply chain risk."

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Supplier Mgmt

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Part/Item Mgmt

Allocation supply chain management strategy software


Allocation supply chain management collaboration software


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Allocation parts and material lifecycle supply chain management software system

Benefit From:

  • Lowering process costs by up to 80%
  • More effective sourcing events
  • Shortened cycle time to part qualification
  • Strong compliance
  • Increased supplier collaboration
  • Reduced supplier and part risk
  • Complete visibility, across functions
  • Assurance that your processes and best practices are followed every time
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Allocation Clients Include Siemens
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