Your success depends upon an auction/tender design that is optimized to your requirements.

Why wait? Studies have shown that leveraging an auction generates over 6% better savings, post-RFq, than other negotiation strategies.

Whether it’s a matter of leveraging our 21+ years’ experience of successful reverse auctions, whether you are just short on resources, or whether you just want to take ASTRAS on a test drive before you buy... we want to make it easy for you.

Your success depends upon an auction/tender design that is optimized to your requirements. From accessing opportunities and risks to ensuring your negotiation leverage and award strategy is properly accounted for. As such, upon engaging Allocation, you would have a fixed project manager, with years of specialized experience in these strategies, to help lead your project from design through execution. 

We remain active and ensure that each project milestone leads to a successful outcome.

  • Auction/Tender Design
  • Configuration of Auction/Tender
  • Test and Accept
  • Supplier Outreach and Training
  • Auction Activation
  • Supplier Support and Monitoring During the Event
  • Results Report and Debrief

You gain an excellent cost-benefit ratio, without the risk and investment. Your internal resources benefit by knowledge-transfer throughout the project. And, you maintain all the options that our long-term customers have, such as:

  • A range of auction formats: English Reverse; English Forward; Dutch Ticker (first or second price); Japanese; and more.
  • Excel template upload
  • Multi-attribute, discount, and sequential auction options.
  • Absolute and relative weights, so that you can account for bonus/malus adjustments
  • Multi-currency
  • Full download and auditability

Source Faster

Negotiate Better Terms

Minimize Risk

Allocation parts and material lifecycle supply chain management software system

Benefit From:

  • Lowering process costs by up to 80%
  • More effective sourcing events
  • Shortened cycle time to part qualification
  • Strong compliance
  • Increased supplier collaboration
  • Reduced supplier and part risk
  • Complete visibility, across functions
  • Assurance that your processes and best practices are followed every time
Allocation Clients Include The BMW Group
Allocation Clients Include Siemens
Allocation Clients Include Magna
Allocation Clients Include Schmitz Cargobull