"Within Direct Procurement, we're Able to manage Our Entire process, not just unlinked subprocesses"


Managing highly-complex, strategic spend cannot be compared to tactical and transactional spend. The margin for error does not exist, the necessity for speed continues to increase, and quality controls continue to get more rigorous.

Supply chain part life cycle

​​​​Does Your End-to-End Process Look Disjointed?

According to “The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study,” 8 out of 10 surveyed companies lack visibility across their supply chain. Organizational silos were cited as the leading barrier to visibility by 45% of those surveyed.

With breaks in the part lifecycle process, Design, Procurement and Quality are unable to optimize the whole.

Lack Visibility
Silos as Barrier
Image of Allocation Astras supply chain software portal

Manage the whole process, not just unlinked sub-processes, with an end-to-end solution, designed specifically for strategic parts / materials

ASTRAS is the most proven SaaS solution, built from the ground up, to bridge Design, Sourcing, Quality, and ongoing Management of your strategic spend.

Allocation parts and material lifecycle supply chain management software system

Benefit From:

  • Lowering process costs by up to 80%
  • More effective sourcing events
  • Shortened cycle time to part qualification
  • Strong compliance
  • Increased supplier collaboration
  • Reduced supplier and part risk
  • Complete visibility, across functions
  • Assurance that your processes and best practices are followed every time
AManage the whole process, not just unlinked subprocesses
Allocation Clients Include The BMW Group
Allocation Clients Include Siemens
Allocation Clients Include Magna
Allocation Clients Include Schmitz Cargobull